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A Quick History:

Traffic Reporter/Radio Personality Mindy Winkler (and former WTTV/WB4 Kids Host - “Commander KC")  took her original school assembly show and expanded it!  With the WXIN buyout of Channel 4, the WB4 Kids Club and thus "Commander KC" were ended in 2002. 

However, Mindy recognized the need and impact her original school show had on kids, and felt inspired to continue developing more ways to reach them.   So she created more musical numbers with even more messages, added more characters and began marketing the concept to schools, festival, fairs and more!

And now our “Fun Company” takes our “Melodies With Messages” to kids EVERYWHERE!


Our unique and FUN approach to addressing pertinent and timely messages really motivates today’s youth!   And because we offer something different, our show is loads of FUN, very memorable with catchy lyrics/dance moves and it really gets the audience involved!  

In fact, our show is being so overwhelmingly received that our schedule continues to fill quickly and we've broadened our touring area!   We've even created a program specifically targeted to Middle Schools and on the flip side, can even create a different one for your PreSchool!   Take a look at just SOME of the GREAT comments we've received!


Download our Promotional Literature to share with your School Assembly and/or Event Coordinator!

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   You can also see VIDEO portions of our show, courtesy of Schoolshows.com!

Our VERY high-energy show combines singing, dancing, and comedy while educating children on various topics!  Utilizing parodies of popular tunes, the program relays these memorable messages while entertaining and involving children and adults alike.  We even leave behind Activity and Coloring sheets at your school to reinforce the messages!!! 

Mindy and The Fun Company offer constant interaction with the children/audience to keep them engaged and informed, in addition to some comic relief.  Even the teachers, parents, staff, etc. are included in the assembly program for their special time to "shine!"




Our exciting 45 minute to 1-hour program is specifically designed for Pre-K to 8th grade, but offers fun, entertainment and education for all ages so as to encourage family and educational personnel involvement ... which is why we perform at many festivals and other events as well!  Plus the show can be tailored to include specific messages and/or shortened time-wise, if requested.  



***   We can even incorporate special themes and/or tailor our program for your special needs ---  Red Ribbon Week, ISTEP kick-off or wrap-up, 4-Star Accreditation celebration, etc.!    ***

We come with ALL the necessary equipment including a state-of-the-art sound system complete with high-fidelity speakers and wireless headset microphones (we can often 'plug into' some already existing sound systems if one will be available on the premises - ask us for details!), a manually-assembled colorful backdrop and fun, interactive props.  We only require a 6 ft. table (for the sound), 5 folding chairs, and convenient electrical outlets at each venue.  Set-up generally takes about an hour and a half with about a 20-minute or less teardown.    



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"Working with kids has been the most rewarding part of my experiences, and being able to provide these kinds of messages through the use of music helps make it fun for all involved!  Kids learn and memorize lyrics often faster than multiplication tables, so to incorporate information with tunes they recognize creates a greater likelihood that they will not only enjoy it, but that they will retain the message…and that’s what it’s all about."  –  Mindy


Our schedule fills up quickly and *pricing is negotiable!*                                                          (We'll work with you as best we can!!)

So call us at (317) 402-8615 or visit the Contact Us page and get on our schedule TODAY!

Make sure to ask out our School Share discounts and Referral Rebates too!!!



Local members of the following organizations proudly approve of our message content / encourage our efforts:

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* Special themes must be discussed and mutually agreed upon during negotiation/scheduling

* Pricing standard in most areas.  Negotiable with multiple show / location / event bookings, provided or discounted accommodations, etc.



Mindy and The Fun Company - providing positive, educational and timely messages through music ...     "Melodies With Messages"


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