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Mindy and The Fun Company get lots of wonderful comments from teachers, parents, kids, community event organizers and just other folks who happen to catch the show!  Here are just a few of them! 


Make sure to email us your thoughts on the show and you just might find your comments, school and name here too!

    "What a first rate show!!!  Thank you so much for coming and making a great start to our school year.  My prayers are that we reached the students who needed reached and that they we make the correct choice when faced with a not so pleasant situation.  We would be more than happy to promote you program to others in the state.  Please feel free to give out my name and number as a reference for your show.  Again, thank you and best of luck to you and the company as they continue to offer a much needed service to our children."      Scott Clifford, Principal, Roosevelt Middle School, Monticello, IN

    "I wanted to thank you for performing at both Fall Creek Elementary and Fall Creek Intermediate for our Red Ribbon Weeks.  I've heard very positive comments from both students and staff!  Everyone loved the shows!  I really appreciated how you catered the shows from the older students at the intermediate school and then to the younger children at the elementary school.  Thank you for your fun and creative ways to deliver such important messages to our children!  We look forward to hosting your group at our schools again!"      Diane Kocal, PTO Chairperson, Fall Creek Elementary/Fall Creek Intermediate, Fishers, IN
    "I've been getting
    a lot of questions about your group today...I think what you are doing is wonderful.  What a great thing for our community!  Best of luck and Keep it up!"    
    Indianapolis Mayor - Bart Peterson        (at the 2003 Downtown Labor Day parade)

"The Ft. Wayne [Encore] staff was very impressed with your performance.  They said you were a lot of fun to work with and were surprised with the response from the public.  Mindy, you are great to work with.  Keep up the good job!"      Kathy O'Farrell, Asst. Vice President of Marketing/Product Development, Encore Health Network

From the Anderson Herald-Bulletin Oct. 18th, 2004 issue:  "THUMBS UP To Mindy Winkler and fellow performers in Mindy and The Fun Co., who put on an outstanding show for the Just Say No Clubs of Madison County at Reardon Auditorium.  More than 400 youths, primarily 4th and 5th-graders, were cheering and moving with the music while getting the message that alcohol, drugs and tobacco are bad news.  One teacher said she overheard students still talking about the show the next day at school!  We hope programs like this continue to reinforce young people's wise choices in the  years to come!"

"We wanted to say thank you for coming to our school and teaching us about not using drugs, staying away from power lines, and staying in school.  We really enjoyed the songs too!"    Mrs. Taylor's Second Grade Class, Eaton Elementary, Eaton, IN 

"Your show was PERFECT for Middle School-aged kids!  We can't get over how much they were into your show!  Thank you so much!  It was GREAT!"   Deb Bishop, Counselor, Roosevelt Middle School, Monticello, IN

"Your group was the hit of the weekend [for our 'Musical Mania' canp]!  Raving reviews from all!  We had a leader meeting last night and people were still talking about how great of a show it was.  Several of our leaders that were there are also active in PTO at the area schools, so hopefully they will recommend you for future functions at the schools! ... I've been listening to you on the radio!  Best wishes to your and your group.  You have a good thing going.  Keep up the great work!"     Nancy Whitaker, Fulton Service Girl Scouts, Indpls, IN 

"Your performance at Eagle Creek was amazing!  I'm sure that you're changing social norms and inspiring children to live out their full potential.  We need more people like you :-)"    Kyresa Westbrook, Tobacco Control Specialist, American Cancer Society, Great Lakes Division

"I just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful message last Wednesday.  I have never seen my children so intent and involved with a convocation.  They are still talking about the things you said.  It was so much fun!"   Chris Wilson, Teacher, Pendleton South Elementary, Pendleton, IN

"What a fun program!  Thanks for being a part of our Baseball in Education pre-game festivities!  Your songs are so catchy!"   Traci Vernon, Marketing Manager, Indianapolis Indians AAA Baseball

"You came to my school today.It was super fun!  I screamed my head off!  I loved the songs you played and I loved that you had our teachers dress up in dresses and wigs. Anyway, thank you for coming to our school. It was really fun. NY FRIENDS AND I LOVED YOUR SHOW!    Luis, student, Roosevelt Middle School, Monticello, IN    

"I want to take this time to congratulate 'Mindy and The Fun Company' for a job well done at Forest Hills elementary school, Dec. 2003.  I am the DARE officer at the school and the kids had a lot of fun!  The messages that the group gave about the consequences of drug/tobacco abuse and awareness were great!  The music and the live skits were fabulous!  This group has a unique way of motivating the children - and that's very important.  I want to thank my good friend  "Say No Sue" for telling me about the group last summer... She was right - they are VERY good!  I definitey hope to see them perform again in the near future.  Keep up the good work!"    Officer Tony Johnson, #244 - Anderson Police Department

"You are such good singers and that was SO fun!  I sure hope you come back next year.  I can't wait to tell my mom about the show!"     Sydney, 1st grader, Arlington Elementary, Indpls, IN

"The show was wonderful with lots of important, powerful messages  for kids. Mindy and The Fun Company do an excellent job of motivating the kids. The students are STILL singing the songs! I would highly recommend the program to all students."        Jan Koeniger, Principal, Valley Grove Elementary, Anderson, IN

"Your show was exactly what our program is about!  The kids really got into it.  We'll definitely be contacting you about next years Baseball in Educaton pre-game!"   Tommy Hampton, Community Relations, Columbus Clippers AAA Baseball, Columbus, OH

"You guys were fabulous!  Everyone LOVED you!  Thank you for the fantastic job in helping make our festival a success!"     Susan Leo, Director of Programming, Three Rivers Festival - Children's Fest, Ft. Wayne, IN

"I want to thank you all for coming to our school.  I thought your show was really cool! (I was the crazy one up there dancing.  I had a tie-die t-shirt.)  So again, thanks!"      Rachelle, 4th grader, Maple Ridge Elementary, Pendleton, IN

“This show was PERFECT for our Red Ribbon Week!  Thanks so much for getting the kids and teachers involved!  What a great way to really reach the kids through your music - it was SO FUN!"   Cynthia Huffman, Principal, Eagle Creek Elementary, Pike Twp, Indpls, IN

"Thank you for coming to the baseball game on May 4,2005. I loved the song that you did when the whole crowed of people went YMCA. I loved your version of that song. Thank you so much!  It was a blast!    Emilee, student attendee, Columbus Clippers baseball game , Columbus, OH

You guys are the GREATEST show I have EVER seen!  I can’t wait to see you next year! Your BIGGEST fan,”    Kirsten, 2nd  grader, Pleasant View Elementary, Yorktown, IN

"I'm an 8th grader at Roosevelt Middle School.  Yesterday you guys came to my school.  I had a LOT of fun singing/dancing, I even went to the middle of the gym floor to dance with you guys!   Our school loved you and we hope that you can come back soon!  I am losing my voice from screaming so much!!  Once again, thank you for such a good time!  Hope to see you soon again."   Alexis, 8th grader, Roosevelt Middle School, Monticello, IN

"Mindy - you must have been a cheerleader... I've never seen so much ENERGY!  I was getting wore out just watching you!  Thanks for putting on such a wonderful program!  The kids LOVED it"    2nd grade teacher, Eagle Elementary, Zionsville

“On behalf of the children and families served by the MDFF, we would like to express our deep appreciation and gratitude for your outstanding performance at our Holiday Party, held at the Knights of Columbus.  What a fun and upbeat show you have!  It was such a delight to see so many of the families clapping and singing along.  ‘Mindy and The Fun Company’ was a HUGE success!  Your support and partnership in helping us to provide a fun-filled day for our clients is greatly appreciated!  Thanks again!        Judith Duncan, Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation

"I saw your show at Maple Ridge Elementary and it was great!  There are a lot of good messages presented to kids in a fun way that they can relate to and it appeals to all ages.   My friend "Say No Sue" said it would be a lot of fun and she was right!"  Julie Cole, Anderson Police/Fire/911 Dispatcher

“You guys do a fabulous job!  What a great show!  Thanks so much for being a part of our fair!"                       Bill Dowden, Board Member, Marion County Fair Committee 2003

“Thank you Mindy and The Fun Company for performing on the Park Stage at the Marion County Fair.  Your performance was most educational, entertaining and enjoyable.  Everyone truly enjoyed your performance. Our "Kids Day" was even more special because of your group!"   Carol Bales, Marion County Fair "Kid's Day" Coordinator 2005

"You guys were magnificent!  We will DEFINITELY be having you back on a regular basis!  What a GREAT show you provide and your messages are exactly what we are striving to instill in the minds of these kids in our community!  Keep it up!”  John Alcorn, Jennings Cty Drug/Alcohol Task Force, North Vernon, IN

"I really liked your show!  It was really fun singing and learning at the same time.  I would love to do what you do when I grow up!"    Megan, 3rd grader, St. Jude Elementary, Indpls, IN

"Thanks for the GREAT program!  I was very pleased and the children really enjoyed themselves.  Several of the staff told me later they were very impressed with the performance.  It was great to see "Reid" again.  It is so wonderful to see some of my former students doing something worthwhile with their lives.  Keep up the good work!"       Pat Price, Teacher, Southview Elementary, Anderson, IN

We really enjoyed the performance. You guys were awesome! Elena liked when you guys had the teachers come up.  Abbey liked when Cookie juggled the chainsaw.Sami says to tell Mindy our Birthday's are the same! Marci loved the cool songs.We liked Stayin' Alive and Get Down Tonight and more!   Sami, Abbey, Elena,and Marci,  4th graders, Brandywine Elementary, Greenfield, IN

"You guys came to my school - Albany Elem.  You rocked!!!!  And I loved the cool moves!!!"  (2004)   "Hey, just checking in.  When will you be coming back to Albany Elementary?"   (2005)  Christyana, student, Albany Elementary, Dunkirk, IN

" This show was fabulous!  Make sure to leave some extra information about your program behind cause I definitely want to let other principals know about your great education and fun show!   Thanks again for coming and promoting 'Smart Choices' during our Red Ribbon Week!"     Kris Cavalick, principal, Stonegate at Boone Meadow Elementary, Zionsville, IN

"This was so FUN!  You guys have incredible ENERGY!  We were getting wore out watching you!!!  Thanks so much for inviting us to see it!  We definitely want to help out in any way we can to help you guys continue to get your wonderful educational messages out there.  You certainly have something unique to offer!  We look forward to seeing/hearing your fitness song at some of our Jump Rope for Heart schools!"                       Cheryl Carlson and Sunny DuVall, Youth Market Education, American Heart Association, Indpls, IN

"You guys are great!  I saw you for the first time.  Cookie you're really funny.  Mindy you are a great singer and dancer.  Your friends are really good at dancing too.  I hope you guys come back to my school sometime."      Ciara, student, Southview Elementary, Anderson, IN

"Mindy and the Fun Company was a high energy, educational and FUN program. I was really impressed with their ability to get the kids involved, especially when you're talking about autistic kids.  I was also pleased that the songs had such educational value!  I look forward to working with Mindy and the Fun Company again at our next walk!"         Colleen Krauss, Autism Advocates of Indiana, Inc.

"I was in my office this morning and heard several students outside my door talking about how cool the kickoff was last night!!  That alone tells me the program was good.  If we can get students to continue discussing the program after it is over, then it is a success!!  I also took my daughters and they loved it.  I really think the students heard the message and had fun."    Paula Juday, Elwood Community Schools (about the "2004 Just Say No! Kickoff" event at Anderson University)

"Do you know if you are coming back to perfom again at St. Jude in the near future?  I really liked the songs and the actions that we all did together!  Is Cookie is going to the clown library again? Don't ever hang out with Smokey and Chewy! Thank-you for coming to our school of St. Jude. I really enjoyed your performance!"        Megan, 5th grader, St. Jude Elementary, Indpls, IN 

"Your show at the Columbus Clippers game was AWESOME!  I loved your different songs and Cookie is so funny!  I'm going into the 7th grade and I sure hope you can come to my school next year!"     Rebecca, 6th grade attendee, Columbus Clippers game, Columbus, OH

"You guys were AWESOME!  Thanks for coming to Eagle Creek Elementary!  I loved the dance moves, the jokes and the songs!  And I enjoyed the activity sheet!  How do you guys perform so well and get those funny jokes?"     Kirsten, 4th grader, Eagle Creek Elementary, Pike Twp, Indpls, IN

" This show was PERFECT for our Red Ribbon Week!  Thanks so much for getting the kids and teachers so involved!  It was SO FUN and what GREAT messages!"  "I had a great time at your show! You were great. I really liked the songs you sang and when you got my teacher to dance. That was so  funny!"          Chellsie, 2nd grader, Lynwood Elementary, Indpls, IN

"We thought the program at Camden Elementary was terrific! The kids loved it! They especially loved the energy Mindy had and her lively music! The kids learned a LOT from the presentation. Thanks again!"              Linda Landes, 5th grade teacher, Camden Elementary, Delphi, IN

"Mindy and the Fun Company were very entertaining and fun to watch!  They were a great addition to our Festival entertainment."          Brenda Shuler,, Avon Comunity Heritage Festival (2003)

"You guys continually put on an amazingly entertaining show!  We are so glad to have you as 'regular' entertainment for our kids/families!  See you at next year's Festival!"    PZ Sinclair, Avon Community Heritage Festival (2004)

"Hi Mindy.  I'm in 1st grade and I liked your show.  We had FUN.  Please come back."   Emily, 1st grader, Yorktown Elementary, Yorktown, IN

"This show rates among the top I've seen in terms of educational value, entertainment and energy level, age-appropriateness and timeliness of topics!  It was well received by the students and faculty alike!"                      4th grade teacher, Valley Grove Elementary, Anderson, IN

"You guys were AWESOME!  Thanks for coming to our school. I really enjoyed it and you are really good singers."         Travis, 5th grader, Camden Elementary, Delphi, IN

"I go to st. Jude school and I am in 4th grade.  I really enjoyed your show when you came.  I can tell you like to sing and I love to sing too but how do you  memorize all the songs...You really taught us a lot of things.
When you guys were picking people from the crowd  to dance.  Reid picked my cousin. Her face turned bright red.  It was funny.  Thanks a lot!  Shannon, 4th grader, St. Jude Elementary, Indlps, IN 

"I thought the shows at Forest Hills and Southview were fantastic!  I couldn't believe how well the kids loved the characters!  Mindy is really great at performing, and at getting and keeping the kids attention.  The kids were so into the show because of the songs and the cute skits.   And they  seem to just love Mindy - mainly cause she's so energetic and directly interacts with them!  My nephew thought "Cookie" was cool too!"   Crystal Burton, guest, Anderson, IN

“The program was EXCELLENT!  I wouldn’t change a thing!  The group did a wonderful job of really ‘reaching out’ to the kids and the kids haven’t stopped talking about it since!”      Pre-school Teacher, Indiana School for the Blind

"This was the BEST convo EVER!  Those songs were great!  I really liked that we got to sing in your microphone and especially when you got our teachers to dance!"      Tyler, 4th grader, Arlington Elementary, Indpls, IN

"Your show is fabulous and what a perfect fit for the PowerKidz Grand Opening!  I will definitely be contacting you guys to do some work with my Petry's Place party center.  Such catchy, fun tunes!"     Jody Petry, owner - Petry's Place, Indianapolis, IN

You guys were AWESOME and your show was so fun!  And Mindy is SO pretty!  My friends and I LOVED your show! Please come back next year!"        Clay, 5th grader, Southview Elementary, Anderson, IN

"I've witnessed this show first-hand and it is by far the best show I've seen for kids – particularly since they write all the lyrics and supply their own equipment! Mindy and the group are amazing performers and SO energetic! It really gets the kids into it. Thanks for the messages and the great selection of music. This is something EVERYONE can enjoy!"                Ben Asaykwee, guest, Indianapolis, IN

"Ijust wanted to say thank you for coming to my school.  Reid is cool and today it was funny when some one would say read and you would say "what?"      Katie, 2nd grader, Pendleton Elementary, Pendleton, IN

"You guys were AWESOME! Thanks for coming to our school. I really enjoyed it and you are really good singers."         Travis, 5th grader, Camden Elementary, Delphi, IN

"This show was great!  My students loved it!"       Heather Hodson, 1st grade teacher, Valley Grove Elementary, Anderson, IN

"I will remember this day for the REST of my life!  That was SO awesome!"   2nd grader,  Maple Ridge Elementary, Pendleton, IN

"You guys were the BEST!"   Klay, 2nd grader, Royerton Elem., Delaware County, IN

"Your show was GREAT!  Thanks for coming to our school!  When will you be back?  I love your singing Mindy and tell Reid and Cookie I said 'hi' too!      Hannah, student, Stonegate at Boone Meadow Elementary, Zionsville, IN

"You just did a performance at my school, Roosevelt, and I loved it. You had me laughing and having fun that day. I just wanted to contact you to tell you that some guy got caught selling drugs to my best friend, and got in trouble. Thanks!"   Samantha, student, Roosevelt Middle School, Monticello, IN

"This was by far the BEST convocation we have EVER had!  Thanks for showing us such a great time while providing information that is so needed at this age!"    7th grade teacher, Roosevelt Middle School, Monticello, IN

"Hi Mindy.  I go to Pine Tree elementry. I'm the kid that was at the very bottom seat of the bleachers that had really really bright red hair that was taken upstage twice once by you and by someone else and also I got to sing in the microphone. It was fun!  Thanks!"     William, 3rd grader, Pine Tree Elementary, Avon, IN

"Hi Mindy!   I remember when you came to my school.  You guys did a great job!  It was the funniest thing I've ever seen.  I REALLY DO LIKE  THE WEBSITE TOO.  I THINK IT IS VERY COOL."    Andreas, student, Pine Tree Elementary, Avon, IN

"Hi my name is Marc.  You were at my school last week.  Miss Truthful Tara danced with me and I would just like to say thank you for making me feel special.  You all sing very nicely."      Marc, student, Dr. Julian Rogus Elementary, Tinley Park, IL

"Hi!  I go to Cedar Elementry & in 3/4 grade.  I loved the show that you put on for us.  Everyone else I'm sure loved it to.  P.S keep up the good work!"   Sydney, student, Cedar Elementary, Avon, IN

"Hi you visited my school today Maple Elementary! Mindy - I liked all of your songs and I sang them to my grandma all day today!  Thanks again for your visit to our school!"   Tymiah, student, Maple Elementary, Avon, IN ...  also ...  ""Thanks so much for responding to my daughter. She was way more than excited. :)"  Jamalee - Tymiah's Mother
"You came to our school - Akron Elementary.  I just wanted you to know how much FUN I had!"    Olivia, student, Akron Elementary, Silver Lake, IN
"Thank you for coming!  My step-son is a 3rd grader at Akron. He came home singing your songs for days!  He really enjoyed the time.  It sounded like his principal must have put on a show as well! haha  Again, thank you!"   Amber Edmondson, Executive Director, Mental Health America in Fulton County, Rochester, IN
"I go to West Grove and I'm in the 3rd grade. I totally had a great time at your show. You guys rock! Cookie is so funny! All of you were so fun. Are you coming back again sometime?  Thank you for coming to my school and hope to see you again soon!"    Emily, 3rd grader, West Grove Elementary, Greenwood, IN
"Hi Mindy I am Jacie from West Grove Elementary the school the recently visited. I got to dance with you. It was so cool! I wish that I could sing and dance like you at schools  - your my new roll model! That was so cool!!  Please send me a message back. Oh and i almost forgot I was talking to my Principal and she said that i could talk about a charity event i am doing isn't that cool? Please respond. I'm your biggest fan!"    Jacie, student, West Grove Elementary
"You guys are so cool, and when you did the Tango with Mr.Siner I couldn't stop laughing!"   Alyssa, student, West Grove, Greenwood, IN
"Hey Mindy!  You guys came to our school today and were SO FUN!  Thanks and hope you come back!"  Kelsey, 3rd grader, St. John Elementary, Indianapolis, IN
"I was at the Friday Night lock-in at Harrison and you guys were fun!  You guys are so cool I told my whole family about your show. The song "Don't Smoke" was my favorite!  Now I know I will never smoke in my life!"  Danikah, student, Harrison Elementary, Warsaw, IN
"We can't stop talking about your show!  We really liked it!  Thank you for coming and spending time with us!  Hope to see you again soon!"  Lindsay and Erica, students, Eisenhower Elementary, Warsaw, IN
"I liked your show last night.  It was a BLAST!!!!! I think Cameron liked it also. ;) It would be AWESOME to have you guys come back. I loved all  of your show!"    Makita, 6th grader, Eisenhower Elementary, Warsaw, IN

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