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 Indy's Favorite & "Best  Traffic  Reporter"        (2006, '07 & '08!)

"2005 Best Traffic Reporter runner-up" and    "2004 Best Traffic Reporter -Special Mention"  (both as just a fill-in!)

Nuvo Magazine's   "Best Of Indy"     awards!          


Safety Shelby

July 4th, 2007 -"Indy's Idol"  singing contest title winner! 

put on by WNOU 93.1 and Steak 'n Shake



















Each member of Mindy and The Fun Company has a sincere interest in reaching out to kids!

We strive to help them learn how to live better lives, while still having FUN! 

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As you'll notice getting to know us, our character names reflect specific components of our program's messages.  Check back often as each character will soon start providing their own webpage activities -- JUST FOR KIDS!  And make sure to send us emails too ... We love hearing from you and we'll email you back as soon as we can!

Email the whole group - or you can send one to a particular Fun Company character by clicking on their email link in their biography!   Make sure to visit our MySpace page too and sign up to be our friend!



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Mindy serves as the "leader" of the Fun Company.   She actually develops & manages the show, chooses the music, writes the different song lyrics, choreographs the dancing, develops the website and serves as the lead singer.  She also works hard to get the Fun Company in schools and the community to reach as many kids as possible!  But most importantly, she stresses the importance of having FUN - while teaching things that are important in kids' lives!  Mindy has been performing for over 20 years and is often recognized from being previously doing traffic reports on television (WRTV Channel 6) and various Central Indiana radio stations.  Now you can hear her regularly in the mornings and afternoons giving the traffic and chatting with the DJs at Z99.5 FM, 104.5 WJJK FM, 102.5 WMDH, Freedom 95.9!   Mindy also hosts various "Hoosier Shopping" Video-On-Demand television segments through Comcast Cable along with acting in tv commercials.  She's also co-hosted local television events such as the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, the WFYI PBS Channel 20 Kids Pledge and the Wishard Burn Center telethon.  Prior to this, she was "Commander KC" for the WB4 Kids Club on WTTV Channel 4.  In addition to her media work, Mindy has even cheered/danced for the Indianapolis Colts and the Indiana Twisters.  Mindy is a strong believer in 'getting involved,' which is why she has served as the Guest Speaker at various charity events and actively volunteers for many groups, including the Indpls Senior Center, Big Sisters, the Julian Center, the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) and the Indianapolis Children's Bureau!  She just loves all the COOL kids she meets...(she even has a little boy of her own too - "Garrett Reid"!).  Mindy can't wait to hear from you!  Email Mindy!

pix as of 8-13 2881.cm2 shelby headshot 2.jpg

Safety Shelby  (Jones) has the answers when it comes to being safe and "stayin' alive!"  She loves singing/dancing and has been doing both since the age of 3!!!  She's even won several contests including "Indy's Idol" for 2007!   Now she even leads folks in karaoke on Wednesday and Friday nights as well!  And she just recently started working with Mindy doing traffic on the radio - for stations 106.7 WTLC, 1310 AM and 97.9 WGNR.  Safety Shelby also understands how combining music with messages leads to better retention ... which is crucial when discussing the potentially life-threatening issues that are all around us.  Safety Shelby especially loves working with kids - as she feels like a kid herself and she has a little boy named Gabe!  She can always be found joking around and making others laugh, all while stressing important safety tips!  Safety Shelby wants you to remember to always wear your safety gear no matter what sport or activity you are doing and to play in safe areas.  So email Safety Shelby about how you practice good judgment and play safe!  

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Healthy Heather (Smith) knows all about eating right and exercising, and how vital they are to growing up healthy and strong!  You can always find her with fresh fruit and veggies for snacks and she loves to work out - whether it be jogging, swimming, biking, roller-blading, jumping rope, walking, or whatever - but especially dancing!   In fact, Healthy Heather has been singing/dancing since the 4th grade and recently joined the group to continue her passion!  She and Safety Shelby were even in Show Choir together in high school!  They even had their little boys just a month apart (Brenton)!   When Healthy Heather isn't working out, she's reading her Fitness/Shape magazines cause she understands how important reading is in exercising your mind!  (even though you'll notice she tends to say some rather crazy off-the-wall things in our show ;) )  Healthy Heather wants you to know that simply walking is great exercise and eating healthy will make you feel better too!     She absolutely loves working with kids and can't wait to hear what you do to keep in shape!  Email Healthy Heather!


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Recycle Robyn (Lamey) is not only the most environmentally sound member of the group, she also serves as the "Mom" to the Fun Company ... and to kids everywhere!  (And she's even a grandmother!)  Recycle Robyn serves as Mindy's direct assistant for the group helping in every aspect of the show and all that's involved with the behind-the-scenes work, including promoting it to schools and the community.  You can easily pick her out in the shows as her endless energy lights up the stage regardless of what topic is being discussed as she loves kids and performing.  But Recycle Robyn holds a special place in her heart for protecting our natural resources.  She can always be found showing kids which recycle bins to dispose their contents and she loves to have them share their ideas for conservation!  Email Recycle Robyn!

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Caring Cindy (Galliher) could also be called our little "busy bee."  She is such a vital part of the Fun Company, that she has her hands in just about everything!  From helping with promo materials to the backdrop and props to running the sound and even jumping in on some numbers!  And yet with so many responsibilities, she manages them with the greatest of care and always with a loving heart and big smile!   Careful Cindy loves teaching kids about how to improve their self-esteem and believing in themselves since she has a blind child that has had to overcome many of these obstacles himself - and she she looks so forward to hearing what special accomplishments you've had!  Contact Caring Cindy!

ben headshot.png

 Reid   (Lamey) has been involved with theatre, music and dance for over 15 years, and is thrilled to be the literary part of Mindy and the Fun Company.  He's also one of the featured soloists in the show due to his incredible award-winning voice and stage presence.  Reid has been working with children for many years and is a fun uncle!  Reid is often found teaching piano, voice, drama and tap dancing as well as performing in various musicals throughout Chicago where he now lives.  And his talents don't stop there!  He even created the letters for our backdrop and helps with choreography!  By promoting reading, writing, and the arts, Reid adds a much needed element to the group in a time where literacy leads to success in school ... and in life.  Reid is a part of our program whenever we are in the Chicago or Northwestern Indiana area.  Reid's hobbies are reading, writing, and more reading. He has read more books than he can count and he can't wait to hear what your favorite book is!!!   Email Reid!

sheli headshot.png

Musical Marchelle (Sherry) loves music, drama, dance and anything else that involves creativity and and the Arts!  She’s been doing them all her entire life!  Musical Marchelle is a very talented vocalist and she loves to share her abilities with children everywhere to show them how great being involved with music really is!  That’s why she joined Mindy and The Fun Company in the first place!  It doesn’t matter the type of music either – from Hip-Hop, Rock, to Country/Blues, she loves them all!  Marchelle often sings to her little girl, Kyla, and joins the group whenever they are in the Chicago or Northwestern area - like Reid.  She can often be seen singing at various karaoke places too (she can especially rock out "Boogie Oogie Oogie"!)  Contact Musical Marchelle and tell her about your favorite music!


Kind Kelly (photo and bio coming soon!)

Dancing Dawnetta (photo and bio coming soon!)



 "Say NO" Sue (Ginder) believes it's so important to be safe and "Just Say NO!" to Drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol and Strangers.  Each of these are very dangersShe even works in safety in her other job - as a 911 dispatcher for police, fire and emergency services.   "Say NO" Sue loves kids and even has several grandchildren of her own.  She occasionally performs with the group, but often can be found helping out with the video and taking pictures during shows (she might even get YOU in one dancing with us!)   "Say No" Sue also helps get (or make!) some of the props and constantly tries to get the Fun Company various venues to perform at!   Sue loves to hear how kids practice safety around strangers and stand up against drugs, smoking and alcohol!   So email "Say NO" Sue!     



Other Fun Company team members that work behind-the-scenes:

Busy Ben            Creative Art

Captain Kirk             Miss Maureen

Just John            Grandma Good

Roadie Ryan               Roadie Robert


Mindy and The Fun Company - providing positive, educational and timely messages                                                                       through music ...     "Melodies With Messages"


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