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Our FIRST CD is here!!

Check back here to find out about our CD Release PARTIES!

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Hey Kids!  If you've seen our show and haven't received our activity sheet - you can show what you learned from the program by playing these games!   Plus have fun with our Coloring Sheet!



Share your answers and coloring with your Mom and Dad,  your teachers, and your friends so that they can learn too! 

And most importantly - Have FUN!



Download the Mindy and The Fun Company Learning Activity Sheet and other FUN Character Activities here!      (You  must have Microsoft Word to open these files)

 Fun Company Kids Activity Sheet


Download the Mindy and The Fun Company Coloring Sheet right here!

 Fun Company Coloring Sheet



Recycle Robyn's Word Find

Download File


Then come back to check your answers by downloading the files below!   (Microsoft Word files)

Make sure to keep coming back to our website for more FUN activities!   And make sure to email us to tell us how you did on this one or if you have ideas for other FUN activities!  


 Fun Company Kids Activity Sheet - Answer Key

 Recycle Robyn's Word Find - Answer Key

 Caring Cindy's Puzzle - Answer Key


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